Counting my blessings!

On those days when life treats us unfairly it would be easy to focus on the negative. Instead, I am going to let it remind me of how blessed I really am!

After an emotionally draining morning, I saw a produce customer who was teasing me about having Mike take me to the mall. My response was that I really don't like to shop and I would rather just be at home with my animals and my husband. Just thinking about it brought a sense of peace to the turmoil of my morning. What a blessing to have a home that is a haven from the outside world and a place where peace and love abound. Who could ask for more than that?

I am counting my blessings!

(Note: Picture of the Octagon ceiling in our home.)


Anonymous said…
would look better if you painted a stop sighn on it and put lights around the out side like me and mikey wanted lol
tcuppminiatures said…
Maybe the lights at Christmas, but not the stop sign!