Falcon or Hawk?

Yesterday afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw a huge bird land in the peach tree. I grabbed my camera and got a picture before it flew away. I have asked several people but no one can agree on whether it is a Cooper's Hawk or a Peregrine Falcon.
This morning after milking, I went to the family farm and worked the produce stand by myself until around noon. It was not very busy. When I got home, I did some things around the house, put up so more peaches and then Mike wanted me to ride along with him while he delivered some hay. We went to a place about 20 miles from Charlottesville near Afton Mountain where a lot of wealthy individuals own farms. The farm we went to is on the market for 7 million dollars. It has three houses on it and three barns. We saw one of the tenant houses and the smallest barn. All I can say, is "Wow!"