Fine Art

Last summer a very nice lady came to our produce stand along with a "regular" customer. She enjoyed the views at the farm so much, that Mike's dad and sister took her on the grand tour. She took photographs while she was there and explained that she was an artist. The summer was busy, then came fall and winter and we forgot about our distinguished visitor.

The other day, I was at the produce stand and the lady visited us once again. She mentioned to me that she had painted a picture of the farm and gave me her web address so that we could view the painting. For those who have never visited the farm, the view is actually from the farm where Mike's parent's live, looking across to the neighbor's house. The following is a link to the painting:


Elizabeth said…
Wow, that's awesome! What a great story! Your farm inspires creativity.
Tom said…
tammy, What a beautiful setting. The blue ridge is the one thing we miss having moved from NVA to Southside.
Anonymous said…
i remember that day...i was there when the lady came. it is pretty but our road is paved. other then that it looks like home
Anonymous said…
Hi Tammy, Love your blog!! Thank you so much for sharing my artwork with your readers -- I am honored.
Addren Doss