Where did my kitchen go?

I have lost my kitchen. My kitchen is neat, clean and orderly, but I can't find it. I also can't remember when I lost it! Neither can I remember WHERE I lost it! Perhaps somewhere under the mountains of peaches that have found their way into my home. (Mike didn't want us to run out!) Or it could be beneath the corn, tomatoes and other produce that set on my counter waiting to be used. Maybe under the egg cartons and glass jars that I collect for storing my free range eggs and fresh Jersey milk? Or perhaps I can find it when I begin to put away the clean dishes in the drainer and dish washer? Did I lose it yesterday when I made four pounds of butter from the cream I had been collecting? The stainless bowls sitting on the counter with milk waiting to be turned to cottage cheese might hold a clue!

I have a feeling that when the weather turns cooler and the garden begins to fade that I MIGHT be able to find it again...............................but then again, maybe not. I think I remember misplacing my immaculate kitchen last fall when I began making cheese during the cooler weather! Perhaps, I will never find it again!

(Note: Smokey was the male puppy in the litter born to Hunter and Hope in May 2008. His new family was kind enough to share this cute photo with me.)


Elizabeth said...

I've lost my kitchen too...but I have no excuses! :-)
I want to come visit your farm when I get back to the States!

Jorg said...

Your kitchen is still immaculate compared to ours. My house is a Chamber of Horrors and will remain that way until we stop using it as a dairy.