Going to try again...........

Some of you may remember that I posted pictures of a puppy a while back that I was suppose to get. However, when vet checked, it came to the breeder's attention that he might not be able to be used as a stud dog. So, I declined getting him and waited for another litter. Everything has worked out well though, because the sire of this current litter is the sire I really desired from the beginning. Here is "Pepper". Isn't he gorgeous?

I tentatively plan on getting puppy #1 pictured below because puppy #2 looks like it might be "fluffy", a trait not desirable in show dogs. If at around three weeks he indeed does not prove to be fluffy, the breeder said I can take my pick. It's hard to choose when they are newborns like this, but I really like the markings on puppy #2.

So, which one do you all like the best? I am looking for a name as well. Since the females name is Sadie, I would like to pick an "S" name but if something else hits me, then that is fine too! Name suggestions welcome!


NewLifeFarm said…
I say go for #1
Here is why...While #2 has really cute markings on its head, #1 has really flashy markings on his feet and legs. That will draw the judges eyes to his movement and way of going. In horses sometimes that is the edge you need to make your animal stand out in the crowd, i imagine it is the same with dogs.
just think how he will look while he is prancing around in the show ring with those white legs flashing away.
That said, you should wait till they are older and get a look at their conformation.
But isn't it fun to start thinking about it now??!!!
keep us posted.
Corinne said…
I think you should name him Sam! I personallylike "fluffy".... his demeanour seems nicer (#2 looks like he's scrunching his forehead). I'm sure none of this has anything to do with the importance of getting the studly character though :)
Gypsie Lady said…
Seth is what you should name him!