Oscar wearing underwear!!!!!

I went to the laundry room where my daughter was washing clothes and Oscar was in there whining to go outside. So, I let him and the other dogs head for the door and about the time he was ready to go out, I realized that he was wearing my daughter's underwear! I started laughing like I have not laughed in months................big tears streaming down my face. In this picture, he was losing them because I had laughed so hard he had wiggled around so much they were starting to come off. I swear when I first saw him it looked like he had put them on perfectly.


Corinne said…
Here, with this story, I can laugh again. Thank God that you and the escapades on your farm keep me laughing.
I hear your laughter, and that sound brings peace into my heart.
Gorgeous evenings, star filled nights... while you chase skunks, dodge poop piles, find your wiener dog dressed in lace... priceless my dear friend, priceless.

Our Lord has gifted me with you.
Oscar playing "dress up" could not have been more timely! I can't tell you how hard I laughed!