I am having a hard day today. The boy responsible for my son's death is going to a hearing. It's grey outside and my heart hurts.

Josh loved to write. I wrote this poem just now.


Grey clouds fill the sky;
It drizzles but doesn't rain.
I begin to cry,
The weather indicative of my pain.

Storm, I wish it would.
I wish the winds would howl.
All this hurt I have,
I wish I couldfind comfort here and now.

If the rain would just begin,
and drench the earth below,
then there could be an end
and a rainbow, that I know.

There wasn't any sunshine to pass through Josh's prism today. The sun will shine again and the prism will once again make beautiful rainbows on my walls. Guess we all have to have some of those "Grey" days.

I love you, my sweet Josh.



Corinne said…
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Helen said…
very touching poem, Sis. It can't be much longer now, Christ will soon catch his bride away. Mrs. Mildred Chipman fell Tues. off a 4 foot embankment and hit her head on a piece of steel. No one knows how long she had been there when she was found. This happened a week ago. Now, she has bruses and remains in a coma.We so lvoe you .Isn't Snow White cute?