What's for Supper?

Every meal we have is as close to being 100% homegrown as possible. There are times when I am preparing the meal that it just kind of hits me and I feel so good knowing that we have the opportunity to grow and raise our own food!

Tonights Menu:

Delmonico Steak (from our pastured beef herd)
Seasoned Potatoes (grown with love and seasoned with home-made butter and seasoning salt and baked to a golden brown)
Creamed Limas (grown with love and creamed with butter and cream from our Jerseys)
Biscuits (made from scratch with home-made buttermilk)
Peach pie (made from locally grown peaches and home-made crust)

I can't wait to eat!!!!!!

1 comment:

Corinne said...

That sounds fabulous!!!!!

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