A Request for those of you who knew and love Josh

The young man responsible for Josh's death will be sentenced in court in April. At that time, letters from family members and friends will be presented to the court before sentencing. I would like to ask any of you who would like to let the world know what a wonderful young man Joshua was and how much we all miss him to write a letter and mail it to me. I will send all of the letters together certified mail to the attorney. I do ask that the letters be about Josh and how much he means to us, rather than "hate" letters directed toward the individual responsible for his death.

I simply want the court to know how much Joshua is loved by those of us who are left behind.

Please email me if you don't have my address and would like to send a letter, as I don't feel comfortable posting my address.




Gypsie Lady said…
love you mom more than you will ever know