Happy Easter

What a beautiful promise that Easter brings..................the HOPE that our Father conquers death and brings eternal life to all who believe.

In that moment on the cross when Jesus took our sin upon himself and the Father turned his eyes away from sin and Jesus cried out "It is finished"................................in those moments the Father must have felt the very same emotions that we feel when we are separated from our loved ones through death.

Even though the Father knew that Jesus' would soon be resurrected and spend eternity with the Him, that time of separation must have been excruciating to the Father as is evident by the angry, darkened sky.

He felt the pain that we feel when we lose someone to death that we love dearly .

Yet, Easter brings the hope and the joy that there is life after death and that the Father and Son bring victory over the darkness and separation.

What a beautiful, blessed day, filled with promise of life eternal!

May each of you find the Joy of Easter in your hearts today and cling to the Hope of eternal life beyond the grave.

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