Mr. Big Peas

I cooked up those peas from the garden and they are absolutely delicious raw or cooked!

I did a little research on them.

'Mr. Big' is a superior English or garden pea, the largest on the market. There are several significant improvements including consistantly large pea pods. The larger pods are easier to find in the vines, easier to harvest, easier to shell and offer a higher yield. The fresh sweet peas are delicious, no need for butter. 'Mr. Big' produces a high yield because the plants are early, frequently setting two pods per node and the disease resistance lengthens the plant's life.

'Mr. Big' is an indeterminate vine reaching 2-3 feet in the garden. Plants could use vertical support, but grow well without support as a bush. 'Mr. Big', like all garden and English peas, will perform best under cool day and night temperatures. Harvest mature pea pods in about 58 to 62 days. 'Mr. Big' plants may produce more peas than your family wishes to eat. If so, just blanch and freeze the peas.


Jessika said…
I'm so jealous! I didn't get our peas in this year, they are one of my favorite fresh veggies! Mr. Big sounds like a good variety too.