Spencer's Ears

We have had a terrible time getting Spencer's ears to stand up. It seems that it is not a genetic defect but perhaps a result of some of the medication that he had to take when he was just a pup. He contracted a case of kennel cough that became quite severe when he was shipped to us from out of state. I HATE shipping dogs and broke my own rule to have him shipped on a plane rather than driven here. Anyway, he had to be treated extensively for the kennel cough and we think that maybe that caused him to have trouble with ears when the cartilage was at a critical stage of development. I have been feeding him lots of cheese and dairy products to build up the strength in the cartilage and I have been taping his ears. We are almost there. The ear on the left in the picture is doing very well and stands up the way it should. The ear in the right still is a bit lazy but today when I took the tape off, it finally stood!

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