Bangor Daily News features Ayla Zanoni

Not long ago I posted about Ayla the beautiful three year old with juvenile diabetes. You can read that original post here.

Today Ayla's story is in the Bangor Daily News! You can read more about Ayla here.


Theresa said...

Nice post Tammy, Thank you. I am beginning a 365 day nutrition plan to beat my type 2 diabetes. I have tried Dr. Mercola's metabolic typing diet, the atkins diet, and the American diabetes association nutritional guidelines. I have managed to control my diabetes somewhat, but because I have never done anything 100% I have had relapses and the metabolic issues that occur with uncontrolled blood sugar. I have neuropathy(nerve pain), circulation issues(vasculitis), hypertension, and thyroid issues( I have the facial hair and hump on my shoulders). I have hypoglycemic events in which my blood sugar drops to 35 and I am stagnant. I can't think or move to care for myself, and someone has to get me some juice or some quick fructose to get my blood sugar high so my brain and muscles will function. This causes a rebound effect, and if I don't eat some pasta, for the glucose, my blood sugar will crash again in a few moments. This is because I make plenty of insulin, too much in fact, and my body sometimes recognizes the insulin and sometimes not. When I overproduce insulin and haven't eaten enough, hypoglycemia occurs. My goal through my 365 day nutritional plan is to once and for all correct the metabolic issues surrounding my type 2 diabetes. I stress type 2 because unlike Ayla, I produce enough insulin to metabolize glucose. I just have digestive(metabolic) issues with when and how much my insulin works. Ayla never makes enough insulin to digest(metabolize) glucose. It is energy; glucose is life. Without it, our brains and muscles do not function. So please, when anyone reads this, pray for me in my small challenge and pray double for Ayla in her very large challenge. Please follow my daily posts as I will detail my diet with meal plans, recipes, blood checks every 2 hours, and paragraphs about how I generally feel. Each day I will pray for all those with metabolic challenges; and will hope that any readers will donate to JDRF on team Ayla'a behalf. Thank you again for your post. As awlays, you are thoughtful, gentle, and sweet. I hope your cows are kind to you.

Jessika said...

Thank you Tammy, you are always so supportive!

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Theresa, Thank you for sharing that with me. I will keep you in prayer as you begin this new challenge. I enjoy following your blog and will continue to go there for updates.

Jessika, Your little Ayla touches my heart. I have two nephews with juvenile diabetes. They are both very active teenagers who are "all boy" and love to hunt, fish and farm. One of them has an insulun pump and that seems to work well for him.



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