The Door Saga Continued...............

(Note to reader: One must read the previous two post first to know the beginning of this story.)

It's Wednesday morning and my home is once again invaded by construction workers at a little past seven. The younger men are laughing and joking. They are all very pleasant and a good group of guys. Unlike many construction companies, they don't have foul mouths and are very respectful. The supervisors are not so chipper this morning. Seems our remodel has gone from bad to worse.

After the work was halted yesterday on the second story front doors that were obviously ordered incorrectly (for the second time), the men put in the ground level front doors. Before installing the ground level doors, they carried in the double glass doors that go between the family room and sunporch. When the men finally went home last night (and I was left with hundreds of flies to swat), I made my way downstairs to inspect their work. I admired the doors in the front and then looked at the doors they were to install today that were sitting leaned against my foyer wall.

"Wait a minute", my brain screamed, "these doors are different!" I promptly called Mike. (We had talked dozens of times over the course of the day as I tried to keep things going on the right track here with the construction crew.) Everything about the door was different. It would never work because in that particular room, we can see both sets of doors and they have to match. Now I am not a picky person, but when one is paying this much for a service, we expect to at least get two matching doors out of the deal!

After a call to the supplier, we still have no idea how they are going to remedy the situation. However, it looks like the front doors upstairs will have to come out and be replaced and if the doors downstairs that are not installed can't be modified to match the doors that are already installed, the doors that are right will have to come out, so that the doors that are wrong can be taken out again. Removing the doors is the only way to get the additional doors out of the house again!

What a nightmare! I told Mike that we need to make sure that we are 100% happy with this before these guys leave for the final time because never again in my lifetime are getting new doors or windows put in our house!

To add insult to injury, because all the doors are in transition, we have no screens and no air conditioning and it's the hottest part of summer. We either have to deal with more flies, moths and bugs (NOT) or we have to suffer in the heat until all of this is resolved!