What a mess! As I said in the previous post, we are getting new doors. It has been nothing but a disaster from the beginning!

First the men were suppose to come in May to put in the new windows and doors. They did not come until the middle of June. When they came, they ripped out all the trim around the doors and then determined that the doors ordered were the wrong ones! They said they would be back in two to three weeks. Seven weeks later, they showed up and started working again. They took out the big door in the front of the house and the place filled with flies! There are flies everywhere in my house! They put the doors in and I noticed that insted of opening in the middle with the two door size windows on either side (triple pain glass door), the door opened on the side. So there are two stationary doors and then the door that opens is to the left if you are looking out. It looks ridiculous and is not what we had ordered! I called Mike and he put a stop to that but we are not sure how they are going to "fix" it. I hope we don't have to wait another seven weeks to get the "right" door!

Then, they were suppose to bring all new doorknobs and hardware with them, but they didn't. So, now they have temporarily put the old hardware back in them.

They brought a crew with enough men to be working on all the doors at once and everywhere I turn, there are men making a mess! I actually have to go outside and around the house to get from point a to point b!

The construction I expected but the delays and mistakes are very frustrating! I don't think Mike is going to be very happy when he gets home and sees how things went.

I guess this winter when we are tucked in warm and cozy and the flies are no longer procreating in our house, we will be glad we had it done!

I'm off now to find the fly swatter......................................