Bull Roar

So many times I see folks that have little or no experience with cattle raising a bull calf and making a pet out of it. I have been very outspoken about the fact that this is the worst way to raise a bull. At times, I am afraid I have put people off by my insistence on how a bull should be raised. When I raise bull calves, I raise them according the the methods in the article, Preventing Bull Accidents, by Temple Grandin. We currently have Little Bull on her property, the miniature Jersey bull that we are leasing. I wrote about some of his antics in a previous post Living with Little Bull is Challenging.

My friend, Selden, wrote a post on her blog about some bulls that she has raised. She gave me permission to share her story, Bull Roar, with readers of my blog.

Thank you, Selden, for allowing me to link to your blog. I hope folks will realize how dangerous bulls can be and be cautious in dealing with them! I also hope that those who choose to raise bulls will take care to raise them properly and help to reduce the number of bull related accidents and deaths.

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