Another Loss

The losses have come in waves this past year and today has been another one of those losses. How strange that I would lose two of my beloved dogs to birthing difficulties in a matter of only four months. I am very much feeling like Job but also know that the God who was there for Job is also there for me. Today, I lost Sadie, my female Corgi. She gave birth to one dead pup and then in a few moments began pushing again, looked at me, laid her head back and took her last breath. We were unable to save any of the unborn pups. It sure is hard to understand sometimes.

I only have two dogs that are not fixed and I plan on having them both fixed ASAP. I am not going to breed any more dogs ever!


Jessika said…
oh Tammy! how very tragic and heartbreaking! I'm so very sorry to hear about it. Hang in there.
Theresa said…
(((((Hugs!))))) I am sad for you.
Oh Tammy, I am so sorry this has happened. Sending you hugs and more hugs. Sharing your pain, xoxo Liz