Four Years Ago Today...........

After the Sunday morning service when all of the worshipers left, just our immediate family gathered at the front of the church. Mike and I quietly, without music, walked hand in hand behind the pastor to the front of the church and stood in front of the communion table. The pastor spoke briefly of our Heavenly Father and of our love for each other. We exchanged vows and exchanged rings and kissed. I cried. I believe some of the family members did as well.

We then went to a little country restaurant where the owner had graciously agreed to feed us a "homestyle" meal and the "kids" all kept asking for jelly to go with their rolls.

The past four years have brought us a lot of pain with so many losses. They have also brought us tremendous amounts of joy. I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man and to be part of such a wonderful family.


Theresa said…
Happy anniversary!
Anonymous said…
May our Heavenly Father grant you both a long lifetime to enjoy each other, love, laugh, cry and grow old together. You are blessed indeed. Happy Anniversary.