Percentage Miniature Bull Calf for Sale

PJ (Peanut Junior) is on the left. His half sister, Princess, is on the right.

PJ is a percentage miniature bull calf. He is 50% miniature but 100% Jersey. He was sired by AMJA Mid-Miniature size bull T. Cupp's Little Peanut (Registration Pending). You can view the sire's photo here.

Dam is Maya AKA WF Marshall Star American Jersey Association Registration # USA 113543197 from Waverly Farms. Maya is a registered, standard Jersey who is 47 inches at the hip. She is also registered as breeding stock with AMJA. (Scroll down the link below until you get to her picture. View Maya's picture here.

PJ (Peanut Junior) is being dam raised which is considered by the experts to be the proper way to raise a bull calf. Upon weaning, he will be placed in a separate pasture with other bull calves where he will learn his place in the herd.

I do not send weaned calves to their new homes until they are no longer crying for momma and their rumens have adjusted to dietary changes. I want them to have as little stress as possible when they are sent to their new homes. They will be eating grass, hay and grain before they are shipped.

PJ is a half brother to Princess and seems to have her same easy going disposition. If I could keep this one, I would. That is why I have not advertised him yet. However, I just can't keep him.

I am asking $500 for him.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can view my farm blog here.

You can view my new web page (a work in progress) at the following link where you will find additional information on Miniature Jerseys and percentage calves here.

You can email me for additional information.

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