Update and Reviews on Farm Blogs

Back in January I found a great web site designed to not only serve as a "show case" for farms around the world, but also a place where farmers can connect with others through blogging. This blog is maintained by published author Ian Walthew . I received an email from Mr. Walthew asking me to provide some information on my own blog as well as to list five blogs that I would recommend to his readers. I had a really hard time picking only five blogs! So, I submitted more than five but I am not sure how many of them he can use.

In the mean time, I wanted to post the reviews that I submitted to Mr. Walthew here on my blog and encourage those of you looking for more great farm blogs to check out these blogs as well as others listed by Mr. Walthew. There are so many great blogs and I hope to be able to give maybe a weekly review of several blogs I am following. So, if you don't see your listed here, stay tuned for future reviews!

The blogger at Lucky Lizard Ranch has a great sense of humor, a positive outlook on life and takes great photographs. I enjoy her knowledge of bovines and the experiences she shares with her readers. It’s obvious she extends a big ‘ole Texas welcome to all of her readers.

The blogger at Fairhope Farm writes with beauty of her life in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Her readers are given the privilege of sharing her experiences as she makes a home out of what was once wilderness while fulfilling her farming dreams one step at a time. Especially delightful is the glimpse the readers are given of the locals who are hired to come in and help to make this wilderness homestead a place where the blogger’s family and farm animals can dwell in comfort and security.

This self proclaimed suburban transplant blogs about her 14 acre prairie homestead in Minnesota. Always refreshing reading with lovely photos, the blogger promotes organic and sustainable farming. Often included in the blog are recipes such as homemade crackers and rendering lard, that inspire the reader to step out of their comfort zone and explore traditional foods. I highly recommend 14 Acres blogspot.

A self proclaimed “Scrounger”, this blogger is humorous as well as thrifty. His blog gives the reader some great ideas on how to “farm on less money” and “make do” rather than go out and buy all new! I particularly enjoy his humorous posts about his farm animals. He captures some excellent photographs from around his farm in Nebraska. Scroungeman blogspot is fun and informative and I highly recommend it!

Tom and Jorg at Triskelion Farm are a husband and wife team who blog about life with their Miniature Jerseys, their flock of chickens, and gardening on their farm in Virginia. At other times they tell heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of their work with the horses at White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue. A couple with a huge heart, their dedication to saving neglected or abandoned animals will give readers cause for reflection.

A small raw milk dairy in Maine is the setting for this wonderful blog. Whether writing about cows, raw milk, cheese, Tamworth hogs or her dream of milking sheep, this blogger is a pleasure to read! Both farmer and mother, it’s easy to see her passion for farming and the love she has for her family as you read her posts. You will not be disappointed in Old Sow Farm’s blog.

I enjoy the simple and direct writing style of this blogger. Together, this couple grows vegetables, fruit, chickens, hay and horses. Their farm is made up of patches of leased ground in Oregon. The pictures of their beautiful Fjords make this blog spot especially delightful! Vest Pocket Farm is fun reading!

In addition to these farming blogs that I submitted to Mr. Walthew for consideration, I would also like to recommend to my readers the following:

Your Cooking Matters is a new blog. The blogger provides delicious and nutritious recipes that challenge the reader to think beyond the processed food offered in the stores and to begin a tradition of celebrating meals! Well written with humor thrown in, the posts are never mundane.


Jo said…
Wow. Thanks Tammy! You are too kind.
Ian said…
Hi Tammy, Ian here. Running a bit behind on Farm Blogs from Around the World, but catching up slowly.

If anyone would like to recommend blogs to me they are welcome to but I am absolutely in search of the very best - it's not just a directory of any old farm blog.

For any recommendation this is what I need:
a) the full correct name of the blog
b) the correct url
c) the location of the farm
d) ideally its acreage
e) not a blog already recommended
f) a sentence or two about why you like it.

Send that info to info AT ianwalthew.com

If you want to recommend your own blog you're welcome and I'll check it out - I just need the same info as above but ALSO two or three paragraphs about your farm and your blog, plus permission to use up to five pictures from your blog.

I then do a posting on your blog, another on your recommendations and I add the recommended bloggers to the blog roll. When I have time I then write to the people you've recommended and ask them to do the above. The idea is that good blogs lead to ever better ones.

Anyway, thanks for the mention.