April Fools

Usually I am on top of things for April Fool's Day. In the past five years that Mike and I have been married, he has never been able to trick me into believing any of his April Fool's Day jokes. This morning, I was just getting out of bed when he ran into the room an exclaimed, "The cows are all out!". Since we had just turned them out into a new pasture, further away from the house, my instant reaction was to think that the neighbor who wasn't too happy about our building a fence there last year, was going to be really upset! It was pretty funny when Mike told me it was only an April Fool's joke.

You would think after that, I would be on my toes. However, Mike later called to tell me that he had four newborn calves in the beef herd this morning. After I got all excited, he said, "April Fools". There was only one calf born last night.

If that wasn't bad enough, I fell for an article about Michael Pollan promoting Wendy's, The article stated thate he would be doing a commercial for them for a new grass fed beef burger. After I posted the information on my Facebook page, I then realized by following the links that it had been an April Fools joke after I had already made a fool of myself publicly.

Strike three. I'm out!


Jessika said…
Oh my, you had me laughing! Especially about posting the Wendy's link! It's a good thing we can laugh at ourselves!
I would be in serious trouble if I couldn't laugh at myself! ;-)
Deb said…
LOL well I'm sure I wouldn't be any better, thankfully DH doen't usually play tricks on me, I'm sure I'd believe him too. :)