Volunteer Lettuce

Nothing better than those volunteer plants that spring up from seeds sown naturally in previous years. Our first harvest of 2010 is "volunteer" lettuce.


No self sowed lettuce, but lots of sunflowers. Food for the eyes is coming too.
WeldrBrat said…
I planted a mixture of lettuce today - along with everything else but the corn. I'm not so sure the hot shower did me any favors, either. Definitely a SomethingPM night. The really, really fun thing about the volunteer veggies - they've grown slower - and they made it through all the seasons - including their favorite! I'll just bet that lettuce has some wonderful flavor!!!
Deb said…
oh yum, I couldn't get the lettice I planted last year to grow, (I suck at gardening LOL) but wow, to get two crops out of it would be fantastic!