Zucchini Fingers

Here is a simple recipe for some sinfully delicious fried food! ;-)

Zucchini Fingers

Mix equal amounts of Italian Bread Crumbs & Parmesan Cheese
Peel and cut zucchini into wedges
Roll Zucchini in an egg that has been slightly beaten
Roll Zucchini in Bread crumb/Parmesan mixture
Freeze for at least an hour before frying
Fry in hot oil (I used coconut oil) until brown on both sides.
Salt and Pepper to taste

If you want to enhance your Zucchini finger experience even further, dip them in this Buttermilk Ranch dressing.



Beautifully Veiled said...

Oh, I think I shall definitely enjoy these!!! Thanks for a new twist on fried zucchini!!!!

Corinne said...

These look so good!!! Yum!!!

Deb said...

I love fried Zucchini! :)

Elizabeth said...

These look delightful!!!