Pecks of Peppers for Pickling!

Every year I make pickled peppers using this recipe. Always in the past I have packed the jars with cold peppers but that always leaves a lot of space in the jar once they are processed. So, this year I decided to hot pack the peppers and they definitely turned out prettier and the jars fuller. I will have to see if the peppers are too soft for my liking once I open them, but for now I am happy.

Besides peppers, I have been canning tomatoes, making pickles, and freezing blackberries by the gallons. That's in addition to all the new flavors of cheese spread I have been experimenting with. And it's hot, hot, hot! I'm looking forward to winter, cooler weather, and a schedule that is less busy.

Wait.....................did I just say that?

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Deb said...

These are beautiful! My hubby would love some of them I think, may have to plant some of them next year, if we have room. I'm not fond of hot stuff, but DH loves it. :)

I'd sure love to have a bunch of berry bushes too, like you must have, to be getting so many of them! *sigh* Maybe eventually we can get some of them to plant too.

Oh and I'd love to know more about your cheese spreads...how you make the cheese and what different flavors you really like in them. I'm not sure if I am really into spreads or not (never had them much) but I KNOW DH would love them....and they would be fun to make.

*giggle* Yep I'm kinda looking forward to cooler weather too, only it's because we get to butcher our blind calf, and have beef coming out our ears for a change!! We both LOVE beef, but don't get steak and roast all that often, cause we just can't afford to buy it. Besides we have all that free deer meat, so eat that instead of spending the money on something else...usually. Hope you get a break in the heat soon, I can't imagine doing all that canning without air, it gets hot enough in my kitchen even with air when I'm working out there.