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You know how the internet is.

An online friend posts something which leads you to click on a link. That link leads you to click on another link. Before you know it you are "surfing" the web. That is exactly what happened to me the day I came across the Facebook page for The Simple Good Life Network. I remember thinking, "This looks nice, I will have to return to it when I get a chance."

Later, I went back to the Facebook page and linked from there to The Simple Good Life Network's web page where I learned more about the founders, Barry and Lynne and their goals for this online community.

In their own words:

Our purpose is to be a source of encouragement, practical knowledge and resources for the growing community of small farmers and new rural pioneers.

This of course peaked my interest and as I dug a little deeper on their site I found that Barry and Lynne were reaching out to small farmers, homesteaders and those who dream of living the life through podcasts. Curious, I started at the beginning and clicked on the first episode. I listened for about five minutes. Wanting to find out more and not having the time to just sit and listen, I set the computer up so that I could listen while I was canning apple pie filling in the kitchen. I listened as Barry and Lynne introduced themselves. They explained how they were retired, and had felt a calling to begin a journey to find their very own homestead where they could begin farming and enjoying the simple, good life. When the first podcast ended, I clicked on the second, then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh episodes. I followed along as they searched for their homestead, sometimes meeting roadblocks and disappointments but pressing forward towards their dream.

The podcasts themselves are high quality and very easy to follow and Barry and Lynne have soothing "radio" voices. It is obvious that they present the pocasts in a manner that only a couple who has intimately known each other for 43 years would be able to do. I find myself anxiously waiting for the next podcast and have likened it to reading a book, getting to the next chapter and being forced to wait for the next installment!

The first of these podcasts are designed to be an introduction to Barry and Lynn and their adventure of finding their new farm. However, they do pause from time to time to introduce farmers they have met along the way. A very interesting and inspiring podcast about a local Florida farm (that takes a slight twist at the end when you find out a little bit more about the farmers), I highly recommend. You can hear it here.

I highly recommend you start at podcast number one and work your way through them. You can find a listing of the podcasts with most recent podcats listed first at this link.

If you are able, join Lynne and Barry on their Facebook Page as well! Hope to see you there!

(Image courtesy of The Simple Good Life Network)


Amy Lagerquist said…
Thanks for sharing about your find! This sounds like a wonderful way to pass the time while canning or doing things around the house, and I always enjoy hearing how others do it!