New Photo of Vida

New Photo of Vida taken with my camera phone this morning.  I am auctioning Vida to raise money to help pay for cleft palate surgeries for a baby in Guatemala.  Please see previous post for details! 

I am also working with World Help to hopefully set up a way to make donations directly to them for the surgeries.  Otherwise, if anyone is interested in sending a donation, you can get in touch with me and I will send you my address. 

I know not everyone is able to contribute and others may have projects/ministries that they are already supporting.  We would covet your thoughts and prayers and love to have you share the information with others.  You never know when someone might see Rosie's story and feel that participating in this project would be a blessing to them and to her. 

Thank you and may you feel God's blessings upon you. 


WeldrBrat said…
I've been tweeting your blog link for the auction and posting to my FaceBook page!
Bless you!!! Thank you so much!