Online Auction of a Registered Jersey Heifer for Charity

I recently made a trip to Guatemala and while I was there I met a beautiful little girl named Rosie. Rosie is about four months old and always happy and smiling. She has big, beautiful, dark eyes and thick, dark hair that I loved to run my fingers through. I fell in love with little Rosie and although her smile is already gorgeous, I would love to be able to help her get the surgeries she needs to correct the cleft palate with which she was born. The cost of the surgeries (three of them) will be $6500. I have already saved $500 toward this goal but I have a long way to go yet.

As I was contemplating how to help Rosie, it came to me that there was a very special little heifer calf that was born on a special day that was meant to help.

Before going to Guatemala, my small registered Jersey cow gave birth to a heifer calf on the 16th of July. The 16th is a significant day for me because my son, Joshua, passed away on the 16th. Each month, when the 16th of the month comes around, I can either choose to focus on the positive or I can choose to let the day get me down. On July 16th, when the little heifer calf was born, I chose to see her birth as a blessing and I rejoiced in the joy of the day in spite of the pain. I wanted to name the calf a Spanish name in honor of my upcoming trip to Guatemala. My focus this year has been on life. Back in January I decided that rather than have a New Year's resolution, I would have a word that I would focus on for the year. I thought that the word life, translated into Spanish would be a wonderful name for my new heifer calf born exactly 34 months to the day after my son passed away.

When I named my calf La Vida, I did not realize that the mission we would be visiting in Guatemala was named Esperanza de Vida. In English this means "Hope of Life". How fitting that my new heifer calf was named Vida and the mission was named Esperanza de Vida!

In contemplating what I could do for Rosie and in thinking about this gift that had been given to me right before my trip, I came to the conclusion that La Vida was on loan to me for a short time so that I could sell her and use the money to help Rosie.

As those of you know who have followed my blog for a long time, or who know me personally, I don't sell heifer calves. I keep them and raise them up as replacement heifers for my herd. I have never been able to part with one of my babies. However, Rosie's surgery is much more important than my keeping Vida and I know this is how it was meant to be.

So, what I am going to do is offer Vida up for bid. Since I have never done something like this before, I will do my best to make this go as smoothly as possible and present all the information for those interested, but if I miss anything, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

I started with a minimum bid of $450 and have already had a bid of $500. The bidding will be in increments of $25. I will take bids now until the 16th of October 2011. At that time, she will be 3 months old and I will take her off her momma and begin weaning her. Depending on how well she does, she should be weaned by the first of November or so.

Price will include health certificate for any out of state buyers. She will be up to date on vaccinations and will have her horns removed. Buyers will be responsible for their own shipping and transportation costs. Buyer will be responsible to pick up and pay for heifer no later than the middle of November or the heifer will be sold to the next highest bidder.

The dam is registered as Aspen Grove Drake Hershey and the sire is Keystone Duke Braveheart. Heifer will be registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association.

The dam is an easy keeper and a sweet girl. She was sold to me because she was too small to fit in with the herd, being shorter and more petite than the rest of the herd. The dam gives about four gallons of milk a day on a grass based feeding program. She is fed a small amount of grain in the stanchion while being milked. Dam has a very nice udder.

I will take bids either by comments to this post, or by email, or on my facebook page.

Thank you for your consideration and I would love if you would share this post with everyone you can. My goal is to make as much money as possible from this sale in order to help Rosie get the surgeries she needs.
I will update here from time to time so that folks know where the bidding is currently. 

If you would like more information on my trip to Guatemala, you can watch this video  or you can view my trip blog

Additional information received today (8-29) from the Vetrinarian from whom I bought Vida's dam regarding the sire of the heifer calf being auctioned:

Tammy, For those who are interested in La Vida, the sire, Keystone Duke Braveheart was just tested genomically (DNA test) and the results place him in the top 10 bulls currently being marketed. He will be going to Genex to be collected and marketed. La Vida should be a nice purchase for the winning bidder.

Updated 8-22-2011 with a bid from Helen for $600.00 (8-22-2011)
Updated at 6:49 pm (same day) with a bid from Marion for $625.
Updated 8-2-2011 with a bid of $ 650 from Deanna
Updated 8-2-2011 with a bid of $675 from Dr. Parks
Updated 8-3-2011 with a bid of $700 from Deanna
Bid of $725 from Dr. Parks
 $800 fromDeanna
Updated 10-2-2011 with a bid of $825 from Dr. Parks
Updated 10-2-2011 at 5 PM with a bid of $1000 from Deanna.


Anonymous said…
Tammy, If the bid is still $625, I'll raise it to $650 (if it is higher than that I'll still raise it by $25). Daniel Parksputuirie
Dr Parks, I had a bid tonight for$650 so I will put your bid down as $675. Thank you so much.
The current bid is $700. Deanna is the highest bidder.
Anonymous said…
Tammy, I'll raise the bid to
$725. Daniel Parks
Current bid is $800. Thank you, Deanna.