Vida, the Jersey heifer up for auction to raise money for a baby in Guatemala who needs cleft palate surgeries. 

I apologize for being negligent with this blog.  I had anticipated getting a fresh start with the fall and keeping everyone up to date on farm happenings as well as posting a lot of photos.  However, we had some changes with our internet service and are currently learning to live without service other than through my smart phone.  That keeps me from posting here regularly.  Today, I am at the library for a bit and thought I would update on the Rosie Project. 

Currently, the highest bid on the calf we are auctioning to raise money for this project is at $800.  Thank you so much to those who have bid.  We have just shy of one month left on the auction. 

In addition, with donations that have come to me and money that I have been able to save, we currently have $1200 set aside for this project.  I have not yet checked with World Help to see what monies have come in directly to them, but will check with them soon.

I have also received a message from the two different families who were selling animals and donating toward the Rosie project with their proceeds.  The one family has successfully sold their bull and heifers and the other family has sold one of their gilts.  We are so thankful to these families for sacrificing to help Rosie. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated, prayed, and/or shared the Rosie project with others!  Rosie's life will be changed forever because so many people have fallen in love with her and wish to give her a better life. 

If you would like to donate directly to World Help for this project, please click here to go the their web page.