Miniature Jersey Bull For Sale

I have owned Cape Fear Dave since he was three months old.  He is a Native Pure American Miniature Jersey Association registered bull.  He is under 42 inches in height and has an excellent disposition.  He was dam raised and has a healthy respect for humans while being easy to manage.  Davie will be three years old in March and eligible for his permanent registration.  I am asking $2000 for Davie.  This price includes his AMJA registration and his health certificate to be transported across state lines.    The following photos are examples of the calves that Davie has sired:

Isaiah (owned by IdleBrink Farms)

Photo Courtesy of Marion Kanour


Jim Dandy:

Prince Charming




its really nice to see other people who like jersey cows as much as me. Did you sell Davie?
T. Cupp said…
Cathy, we had him sold and were awaiting transport when he was injured and had to be put down. It was unfortunate for everyone. I currently have a larger, mid mini bull for sale listed in the Animals For Sale section of our site. The link is to the right of this page.