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Old Fashioned Apple Butter

This r ecipe is for use in a crock pot, but I make mine on top of the stove.  Just adjust times based on the texture and taste of the apple butter if you want to make stovetop.  I really like this recipe in part because your additional ingredients are based on the amount of sauce made after your apples have been cooked and strained.  I enjoy an apple butter with robust flavor but Mike prefers the spices to be toned down.  (I like to use the spices in the exact amounts specified in this recipe, but if you like a milder taste, just cut back on the spices.) While these directions offer the convenience of using the modern convenience of a crock pot, the flavor yields old fashioned taste.   Old Fashioned Apple Butter For every 12 to 14 apples use the following: 2 cups apple cider/apple juice (I actually used hard cider) 2 cups sugar (I used dark, brown sugar for a more robust taste. You can use white sugar or a mixture of white and brown.) 2 teaspoons ​cinnamon 1 teasp

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