Ben Goes to School

Wow! What a day this pup had. Larry took me to the Old Town Dog School to be evaluated for Puppy Head Start. Sandy gave Larry lots of tips, particularly about house-breaking (as If I need that) and then gave me a short lesson. We focused on vocabulary (let’s go, leave it, sit, hurry up and stuff like that). I felt a lot better when I found out we would not progress to grammar. Sandy thinks I could be awesome; it’s really hard not to get a big head with praise like that. If Tammy were going to have more puppies, Sandy said she’d refer people to Tammy, that’s how much she likes me. She made Larry get me a training leash. It’s cool. It’s really long, and I can run ahead or back or in circles, or anything I want, and it’s a lot more exciting than walking along at Larry’s pace. You know, he’s an old geezer and slow, and I really need to run. I sleep a lot better that way.

We went for several walks today, and I met two really nice dachshunds, a 2-1/2 year old black and tan named Birgit and a nine year old blond wirehair named Leah. Both minis, like me. I tried to play with them, but they don’t have my energy. Leah’s daddies want to form a Capitol Hill dachshund club. Wouldn’t that be fun? You know, I’m not an elitist; I would even be willing to play with the ones that didn’t get a chance to go to school. Oh, I forgot to tell you, after I finish Puppy Head Start and get to be six-months old, I’m going to get private lessons.

It was windy out today and leaves were blowing all over the place. I never saw that before; it was so much fun to chase them. And last night I found a big old beetle on the sidewalk. I tracked it wherever it went. Eventually, it hid somewhere, and I couldn’t get it. Oh well, there’ll be more where that one came from.

I go back to the Old Town Dog School next Monday for my first full lesson. I like Sandy a lot. She’s the co-owner and has been training dogs for 35 years. I think she’ll get Larry straightened out eventually. That’ll made life a lot easier for me. On Tuesday, I go back to the vet. Not my cup of tea, I’ll tell you right not. Well, that’s it for now. I need my rest.

p.s. The potty training’s goin’ pretty good.

Kisses and licks, and lots of both

Your Little Ben

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Corinne said...

Oh how I love these posts from 'Ben.' :)