DeLaval~Do YOU like butter?

Mike and I went over the mountain to Charlottsville and some antique stores there and in Ruckersville, and then back across the mountain to Grottoes and the ice cream shop today!

I needed to get away and get my mind off some things and try to have a stress free afternoon. We had a great time and I was excited with my purchase and wanted to share! I found the follow framed advertisement for DeLaval. It says "Compliments of E.L. Hutcheson General Hardware Dexter City, Ohio" on the print. The little boy is holding a butter cup under the little girl's chin. Under the little girl's feet it says "Do YOU like Butter?"

The crate the little girl is sitting on says THE DE LAVAL SEPARATOR CO.

You can see a cream separator in the corner of the room.

In very small print on the bottom it says COPYRIGHT 1915 by DE LAVAL SEPARATOR CO.

The frame is made with wooden pegs rather than tacks or nails.


Laura said...

Wow Tammy...I am SO glad you had a wonderful day with your wonderful hubby. I think you found yourself quite a jewel there today! I love that! You know that has the be old by the way the frame is made! Too cool..
Laura Ann

Jessika said...

I love it! Ayla was checking me everyday when the buttercups were in bloom. I DO like butter!

Susan said...

My great grandfather was E.L.Hutcheson. If you ever are interested in selling the picture please contact me at sus_tink@yahoo.com. Thank you, Susan