We MIGHT be pregnant!

No, not Mike and I but Cookie and Little Bull. I know I am really pushing it but I really want Cookie to be bred by Little Bull and from their antics when she was in heat, I really did not think he was able to get the job done. So, I have (not so patiently) waited 21 days to see if Cookie comes back in heat. Now with a bovine, they could be a few day early or a few days late, but today is exactly 21 days from when Little Bull tried to service Cookie. Was he successful? Only time will tell, but I am cautiously hopeful that maybe Little Bull was bull enough to get the job done! Cookie normally has very loud, obvious heats and today she is calmly eating grass and Little Bull is not paying any attention to her at all. I will keep my eye on them and see if Little Bull shows any interest in the next few days. If Cookie did get serviced on August, 14Th she will be due to have a calf on May 23rd.

I can't help but dream of a miniature, belted heifer!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Always a good sign when you don't get the "in heat hairy eyeball" look! Fingers crossed for you!