That Little Brown Wagon (Again) & Princess Update

Yes, that little, brown wagon is making trouble again!  Yesterday morning I did not take the wagon down and Midnight came in to be milked just as nice as can be (although she did glance around to see if there were any monsters lurking anywhere)! 

This morning, I used the wagon to haul some dirty bedding out of one of the stalls and pulled it around back where we have our manure pile.  (Mike periodically removes the pile of manure and straw and spreads it on the fields with the manure spreader.)  When I began pulling that wagon across the pasture all of the cows became quite animated!  Some of them ran in fear, other looked on with interest, and still others had to come and check it out.  The bull acted like he wanted to "take on" the little wagon so I kept my eye on him! 

When I left the pasture pulling the wagon behind me, Apple ran behind me kicking up her heels!

Crazy cows!

Princess is still a week and two days away from her due date and this photo was actually taken yesterday morning with my phone.  Today, her ligaments have started to relax and it looks like her pins may even be dropping.  I cleaned out the stall, put down fresh straw, and I am keeping an eye on her.  I am not getting worked up yet but just keeping a cautious eye on her.  She is still eating hay, cudding and although she appears somewhat uncomfortable, is not extremely so. 

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