NO WATER!!!!!!

Mike and I went to town today to deliver potatoes to a small restaurant called "Harry's Lunch" and run a few other errands. We had a wooden cage loaded on the back of the truck so that we could run by the dairy where we got Samantha & Charlie. (I will tell you that whole story tomorrow, so stay tuned! :-) ) We were actually at Tractor Supply when my cell phone rang and Alissa wanted to know what happened to the water!
I of course could not know what had happened to the water, but Alissa proceeded to tell me that she had her hair all lathered up and she ran out of water. So, Alissa turned the breaker off to the well and the water softner per Mike's instructions and then she went to Aunt Cathy's to finish her shower and get ready for her Halloween parties.
Mike and I came straight home as fast as we could and found that there was indeed something wrong with the water.
I milked but can't clean the milker. I can fix supper but can't clean up. There are no showers to be had for us here at our house tonight. (Mike's mom came to the rescue and offered us showers and food! Yipee!!!!) The biggest problem is we have no way to water our animals! This is a BIG, BIG problem.
It appears the well pump is out and we can't fix that until tomorrow. So, I guess we will be hauling water in for the cows tonight! Do you have any idea how much water one cow drinks? Well, I have five cows, three heifers, one bull and four calves here at the house!!!!! That's a lot of water!
(Picture of the silos at Mike's parent's farm.)

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