Windy Ridge

The "old timers" call this hill we live on, Windy Ridge. It's days like we have had the past two days that make it clear why it was called such! Although our temps have remained in the low 40's, the wind has been blowing fiercly. I know those friends from Alaska reading this will see what a wimp I have turned into since leaving that awesome state, but I was really thinking fall was going to last a little longer here in Virginia.

This morning Mike and I got up let the dogs out, fed the chickens, milked the cows, fed all the animals and then I made an omlette using some of that Mozzarella cheese I made yesterday. Yummy!

Besides doing all the normal, everyday routines of straightening the house, vacuuming, doing laundry, etc., I have occupied myself today by making more Mozzarella, as well as butter and cottage cheese.

At noon I had to make the trip back out to the barn and put Dixie in with the calves so that they could get their lunch. I watered the chickens and calves while I was out. I didn't spend too much extra time out there playing with the calves today! It was just too windy!

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