After milking this evening because it was not quite dark, all the free range chickens were not in their house. So, I went inside to finish up a few things, let the dogs out, and head back down to lock up the chickens for the night.

There were a few stars out as I headed back outside, but it was still quite dark. I took a flash light along and I could hear the dogs rustling as they ran through the leaves. The cows were all gathered around the chicken house, some of them resting on the ground and others standing.

When I got to the chicken house, as is my habit when the sun has already gone down, I splashed light from the flashlight across the floor of the chicken house before locking the door. Tonight when I did so, I saw a big skunk in the back corner of the chicken house!

I began calling the dogs hoping I could get them inside before they had the chance to get sprayed. I quickly put them in the house and then tried to develop a plan to get the skunk out of the chicken house. I figured if I took the shotgun down, that I would end up killing the skunk, but also a pile of chickens. I finally got Mike's .22 and headed back down. So, here I go in the dark trying to dodge the cow piles with a flashlight in one hand and the .22 rifle in the other.

Edy decides that I must be there either to milk her or feed her, so she comes running. All the other cows were afraid they were going to miss out, so they came running too! Now I have cattle of all sizes surrounding me as I am trying to juggle the flashlight and the rifle, and dodge the cow pies. I realize in all the excitement that I have jarred the door to the chicken house, and it is half open . The only way I can tell if the skunk is still inside is to push the door open all the way. Visions of the skunk spraying me kept going through my head.

As I stood in the dark holding the rifle and the flashlight, trying to figure out how to get the door open without getting sprayed so that I could get off a shot that would kill the skunk without injuring any cattle that had gathered to watch, my dearest husband made it home from basketball and assisted me. Together we were able to determine that the skunk had left the chicken house.

If I know skunks, he will be back, and this story is only over for the time being!

To be continued..............................


Corinne said...

This is the most hilarious story I have read in a long time! Sorry I'm laughing at your expense, but please, once the cows gathered around you little little children when their mother comes home.... dodging cow paddies..... lol.....

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Corinne, Life is never dull on the farm! :-)