Freezer Slaw

Recently I found some hand, written recipes from my grandmother.  I remember her writing out this recipe for a number of family members and friends.  

Freezer Slaw

 1 Medium Cabbage Chopped
1 Carrot Grated
1 Teaspoon of Salt

Mix salt with chopped cabbage and let stand for one hour.  Then, squeeze out all moisture and add carrot. 

Vinegar Dressing

1 Cup Vinegar (I used Bragg's Apple Cider)
1/4 Cup of water
1 teaspoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon celery seed
2 Cups sugar (Adjust to taste)

Combine and boil for one minute.  Cool to lukewarm and pour over cabbage mixture.  

Toss slaw and vinegar, mixing well.  

 Place in freezer containers or freezer bags and store in freezer until ready to use.  Thaw thoroughly before serving.  Last up to six months in the freezer.  

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