My Precious Heifer

Those of you who have followed my posts for a while may know, but other's may not know, that out of six bovine births, I have had six bull calves in the last two years since I started keeping family cows. I have wanted my very own heifer calf so badly from one of my girls. Tonight is a special night........Maya gave me a beautiful baby girl!

What makes it even more special is that I had a buyer for Maya when she was short bred. I even went so far as to have all the health work done by the vet so that she could travel out of state with her new owners. I got cold feet about selling her because I had become so attached to her but wanted to honor my side of the deal. The prospective buyers ended up backing out on me even though it meant losing their deposit, and I knew that Maya had a forever home with me. It was just meant to be.

Now, besides loving my Maya so much, I see that it was meant to be, so that I could finally get my heifer calf.

Maya is a registered Jersey and the sire of the calf is a Registered Miniature Jersey.

When Mike looked at the calf and told me it was a girl, I cried! I am so happy!

Sticking with the spanish names, I am think of naming her Nina (child/infant) La Chica (Little Girl) or Tia (Aunt in Spanish or Princess in Greek).

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