Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck (aka Neck Pumpkins)

Crookneck Squash
The neck is solid and provides a lot of "meat".
I love the gorgeous color of this squash!  Beautiful when baked!
Traditional pumpkin color to the batter

Moist and delicious muffins made with Pennsylvannia Crook Necked Squash

We were given some heirloom Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash seeds this year.  At first, I was a little apprehensive about them thinking that the last thing I needed was another prolific winter squash to try to utilize.  After harvesting and cooking with what is also called the "neck pumpkin", I am a fan of this crazy edible gourd!  When cooked, the pulp is thick and the color is absolutely amazing.  When used to make pumpkin bread or muffins, the squash yields a rich pumpkin taste and a bread that is delightfully moist. 

For directions on how to cook the Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash click this link

If you would like my pumpkin bread recipe, you can find it here

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