A Christmas Memory

Last year, when Joshua was going to VoTech, the teacher put a jar in the room. He asked the boys in the auto mechanics class to make contributions to a needy family so that the family could have a nice Christmas. True to Josh's nature, he gave and gave and gave and gave. Finally, the instructor told Josh that he was not allowed to give anymore and that some of the other kids needed to help out too!

That was my Josh. He loved to help other people. I can just see that big, old smile he got on his face when he did something helpful for someone else. What a kid!

And how could I be so blessed that I would have two kids that are so giving? Alissa loves to help other people and sacrifices so much to help others in need. I remember when she was just a small girl..............perhaps three or four..........and she wanted to give her toys away to a little girl that she felt needed them more than she did. How could I say no? She would have been so disappointed if I had not let her, and I would have stifled in her the precious gift of giving. She has never ceased to give since that time.

I am so proud of both of my kids.

I am so thankful that God blessed me with these precious children.

I love you Josh and Alissa! I am proud of both of you!


Elizabeth said...

They are amazing! I've been blessed to be their aunt! Happy New Year!

Gypsie Lady said...

Mom I love you so much
I could never say it enough...that is why i have been calling you from work everyday. I love you and miss you. (hopefully my managers dont see this haha)

Gypsie Lady said...

we are blessed to have a strong amazing mother who has been there for us and loved us unconditionally....even when we didnt come home all night. haha sorry mama...i was still a good kid though.