Farm Show Fun

Yesterday, Mike and I went to the farm show. It was pretty much a disappointment because it gets smaller and less attended every year. I did find a great source for Robert Duncan and other farm related prints. Mike bought me two prints with Jerseys in them! I just love them. They came matted and framed at what I thought was a great price! The gentleman had a booth at the farm show and also has web page where I can drool over more pictures and decide what I want to buy next year! The frames were made by the Amish in Pennsylvania.

To view the web site, click on "Farm Art" in my "links" column.


Gypsie Lady said...

those pics are beautiful...ur house is turning into quite the art gallery!! .....why is keith link in tht pic???? very strange

Diane said...

Those Robert Duncan prints are just beautiful! What a nice find.

Corinne said...

What beautiful pictures!