Edy Had Another Bull Calf!!!!

For a week, Mike and I have been doing round the clock checks on Edy. She was just huge with her pregnancy and I was convinced that there was either something terribly wrong or that she was having twins.

Mike and I checked on her around midnight last night and she showed no signs of having the calf immeditately. We slept a while and Mike got up and checked again, but still no calf and Edy was just munching away on hay. I ran down to the barn around six to find Edy still munching hay and not looking any different than she has for the past two days. We started chores and I fed the calves and went back to the stable to let Edy out for the day. There on the ground lay a little bull calf. At first, he looked black because he was still wet, but as he starts to dry off, I can see that he is more red than anything. I wasn't able to get the best pictures, at this point, but you can see that he has a mask around his eyes. I named him Zorro.

I will update with more pictures when he is completely dry and up.

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