Vacuum Sealed Squash and Vacuum Sealed Peaches

Last summer I decided to vacuum seal more of the fruit and veggies rather than just freeze them in freezer bags. Although some of the produce requires a little extra work to get them vacuum sealed, I am very pleased with the results. Anything with a high moisture content has to be frozen first by placing in a single layer on a baking sheet. When frozen the vacuum sealer won't pick up moisture. (Moisture inhibits the bags from sealing correctly). It does cost a little more to vacuum seal. Great color, great taste and longer "shelf life" have convinced me it's the way to go!

(Pictured: Yellow Summer Squash and Orchard Peaches)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
So you just freeze the peaches in slices, then vacuum seal them, with no other preparation? Sounds too simple! I'll give it a go (although I just bottled 30kg of peaches (but that was before I got my vacuum sealer).
Bye for now,

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

That's it, Heidi! Nothing else to it! You just have to make sure that your slices are frozen hard enough that you don't get that extra moisture when you start to seal them. That may mean that you need to take them out in small portions to freeze rather than take the whole batch out and allow it to get slightly soft while you are trying to seal. Hope that makes sense. If it doesn't you will soon figure it out by trial and error!


Jo said...

So, what do you do with your frozen summer squash? Any good recipes? The only thing I know is zucchini bread.

Mariana said...

Wow it's look so yummy! Maybe I should try this tonight, vacuum seal my diet meal!
Thank you for the post!

Sue Sheriff said...

I have already used foodsaver V4880. there are a lot of helpful functions. You should buy one as soon as possible if you can.

T. Cupp said...

Sue, thank you for your comment. I have been wanting to research the newer, more improved models. I really appreciate your recommendation. The foodsaver I have is ten years old.

Jessie said...

I'm using vacuum sealer to store food and I love it.