The theme for the day has been chicken. I didn't plan it that way, exactly. It just kind of happened. I had planned on picking up some five week old pullets from my friend who had a nice mixed flock of birds started. As I was getting ready to go, I remembered that today was 21 days since I had put my Rhode Island Red eggs in the incubator. I ran back to the bedroom (yes, I said bedroom) where I have the incubator and sure enough! There were two peeps in the incubator. I later came back to actually see one coming out of the shell! That was exciting. Then, Mike decided to convert a feed room into a chicken house on the end of one of our cow shelters. So, I went down and helped him with that. Afterwards, we took off and headed to my friends house to pick up those pullets. She had about ten whole chickens cooking on her smoker that smelled delicious. So, we got the young pullets rounded up and paid for and bought a smoked chicken as well to eat for supper tonight. Mike also plans on butchering a couple of Cornish Cross birds that we have been needing to put in the freezer today. Seems the whole day has revolved around chickens!

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