Dave is home!

Dave wasn't too keen on getting his picture taken and kept moving around. I told him he might as well get use to it because this momma takes a lot of pictures!


Diane said...

OMIGolly he is so cute....what a head on him!!! He looks so sturdy and stocky!!! Ya know, when my girls come in heat, and if I can figure out how to come down with them, I've got to get him to sire our future stock and start a line of miniature Jerseys. What would they be called? Jersey Miniature Cross? At least that's my thought....dreaming again.

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Diane, the American Miniature Jersey Association as a program that allows you to take registered AMJA bulls and breed them to standard cows or miniature cows from other registries. It is called their "Breed to Pure" program. I have information on that program on my other website.

Diane said...

Tammy, I looked at that program linked by your site. Just a question....do miniatures have more of a risk of stepping on their udder since their legs are so short? My registered Jersey heifer is 46", I guess she's not fully grown??? I'm really hoping she isn't going to get much bigger. She's just right for me to handle. I'll have to keep this in mind bc it seems like preserving the miniature herd is something important to consider in our future. I really am serious about coming down....some year! Who knows maybe we'll retire just down the road!!!!!!!! Now wouldn't that be fun?! :D