Greetings for Charleston, SC

Mike and I are on a trip to Charleston, SC to visit Kristin (Mike's daughter) and on the way home to pick up my new mini Jersey bull calf near Willmington, NC. The trip will include a drive up the coast. We left home with the rain coming down and continued to drive in and out of it throughout our entire trip. We visited Kristin and Nate at their apartment. Kristin has it decorated beautifully and has such a talent for matching colors. Doobie, Kristin's little Yorkie was thrilled to see "grandma and grandpa". Doobie loves Mike and was beside himself running around and playing with his toys and jumping in our laps to get lots of love. Doobie was jealous of the fish when we were admiring Nate's lovely collection of fish in the tank. We had a wonderful meal at an Italian restaurant where our waitress had an authentic Italian accent. I had to interpret for the rest of the group who had difficulty translating from a southern accent to an Italian.


We were able to find a very nice hotel with clean rooms at a decent rate and were happy to find that it actually is a sweet with a separate sitting room, full size refrigerator and nice size bathroom.


We plan to take a tour of downtown Charleston today and I hope to see some of the large plantation homes in the area. My interest has been sparked in the Gullah/Geechee culture of the area and perhaps I will get a chance to explore some of this fascinating culture as well. So little time and so much to do!


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Diane said...

Have a really great time! What the heck is Gullah/Geechee??? :-) Funny, my nicname my whole life has been Doobie!!! From Romper Room! My kids think it's a joint though...but I was the Do Bee!