Ben Meets Rosemary Freeman

Wow! What a day I’ve had. Larry took me over to the Old Town Dog School for my second day of Puppy Head Start. Sandy took us for the longest walk, all the way down to the river, then down almost to King Street , and back to the school. In the park by the river, we practiced call and response. That’s when Sandy would let me run around a bit and then toot her whistle twice. The two toots were my signal to come back for a treat. I had so many, Larry didn’t give me lunch.

Back at the store, Larry bought me a harness and a car seat. I like the car seat, but you can have that darn harness. The car seat is really plush, and if I want it’s high enough that I can see out. Otherwise, I’m too darn short. I rode in it all the way home. I was so very tired, I just zonked out on the way home and didn’t see a durn thing. Oh, I forgot to tell you, on our walk back I got to meet Abigail, a nine month old black and tan cousin. I really liked her a lot, and I’d like to see her again, and mebbe again. I think I just might be in love.

We shopped for a coat for these cool mornings, but we didn’t like anything that was out on the shelves. Sandy ’s gonna keep her eye out for something especially nice. And we got a new collar, too. I’m outgrowing the one I have now. When I’m full grown, we’ll get some with nice patterns so that I can look good when I see Abigail again. And Larry bought a whistle. You just know I’m gonna get tired of that.

Tomorrow, I go to the vet. I think I’ll try to hide under the bed so that I don’t have to go. I just know they’ll get out that dang thermometer again. I mean, like, don’t they have anything else to do? Yep, they do. More shots. Ugh! Then Wednesday, we go out to Paris to meet Aunt Julia and Great Aunt Helen. I plan to give them lots of kisses. I hope they’re wearing tie shoes. I just get off untying shoe laces.

This last week has been great. I saw some squirrels. They don’t play fair, climbing up in trees like they do to get away and then just sitting there and chattering to taunt me. I like to listen to the birds tweet-tweeting, but I like to chase them, too. They’re worse than the squirrels and just fly away when I try to check them out. But the best thing yet: I’m just about potty-trained. Every single time I go outside I run over to Larry right away, and he gives me a liver treat. They’re tasty! You should try one.

I met Rosemary Freeman last week. She owned the Hill’s best known coonhound, but he died last year. They were inseparable. After meeting me, she decided she can’t wait any longer to get another dog. She lives over on A Street , and we’re invited to go visit any old time. Isn’t that great? Rosemary and her coonhound were written up in Sunday’s Washington Post. Larry showed it to me. It’s the bottom column on the OpEd page. You should look it up.

Bye for now

Your Little Ben

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