(Almost) Zero Mile Chili

Making Chili for supper tonight and realized it's almost a zero mile meal. Unfortunately, the spices and salt that I used to season the chili are shipped. However, the rest of the ingredients we raised ourselves.

I used some of the October Beans, onions and peppers from the summer's bounty. I added a bit of garlic and salt and cooked for a couple hours. Then, I drained the beans and added tomate sauce,a jar of my garden fresh salsa, and some chili seasoning. Browned hamburger from our pastured beef added and chili simmered for several hours makes a delicious meal!

We will have some homemade Mozzarella cheese on the side!


Come to think of it...........most of our meals are pretty close to being zero mile!

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Jo said...

Coincidence! We had chili for dinner too! Unfortunately, we have to import our beans. Congrats on the zero mile meals!