Ben Found Time To Write!!!!!

For all of you who have fallen in love with Ben, he was able to send us an update today!

Thank you, Ben! We love you!

What a week I’ve had! Started out OK with a class at the Old Town School for Dogs. Last week, I learned how to heel. Kinda fun! This week, was “Sit and Stay.” Ridiculous! I don’t mind sitting, but having to stay put is just too much to expect. Even so, I had fun and got lots of treats and “Good Dog” stuff. That was the end of the fun.

Right now, I’m at the Old Town Veterinary Clinic. Been there since yesterday, and nobody’s come to visit, not even Larry. First time in my whole life I’ve ever slept alone. I didn’t like that very much. They’re pretty nice at the Clinic, at least they were until this morning. First of all, there wasn’t any breakfast. Then they gave me something to put me to sleep and, when I woke up, I was missing some stuff. Do you think it was some kind of transplant scam? Apparently, I’ll never be the same again.

Anyhow, Dr. Maclean says I can go home tomorrow after ten o’clock, but I’m not supposed to jump or be too active for a few days. Maybe I’ll try to watch TV or something. My favorite so far is Pigeon Impossible. I think you’d like it. (http://www.flixxy.com/pigeon-impossible-animated-short-film.htm). Larry showed it to me on his computer, and I watched every second. When the pigeon finally got it, I was so glad. Well deserved! I can never catch the birds outside. They always fly away rather than staying to play with me.

I’m really getting in to playing ball. Larry wants to play “throw and fetch.” He throws and I’m supposed to fetch? The heck with that! I mostly play by myself and invent lots of little games. I hide the ball under the furniture and in corners. I bark and growl a lot and then go get it. Sometimes, the ball gets under the radiators or the stove where I can’t get it. Then, I bark as loud as I can and don’t stop, no matter what Larry says (or yells). He’s not very nice about it, but he always ends up laughing until I do it again.

My friend Margaret is back from Key West . She’s a really big black and white Katrina dog that barks every time we walk by until Tom, her human, let’s her out. She won’t play until she cadges a treat from Larry. Then, we have a good time. I have to move really fast to keep away from her paws, but she likes me a lot. I hope she still likes me when I get back from the hospital.

Well, it’s time for me to rest for a bit. This letter writing is really hard. I have to get through another night sleeping along, and then I get to go home.

Pet the next pup you see and tell the lucky little monster that I asked you to do it.

Your little Ben



Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Ben it is great to hear from you!
Best wishes on a speedy recovery,
Liz and Max

jlgoinggreen said...

ROFLOL...This is so cute! I loved this.


Scroungeman said...

I'm glad Ben get's to go home soon, and hope he feels better. It's not a weight loss plan he'd want, but it's too late to bark up THAT tree!

Charlotte's Web Farm said...

LOL!! Ben, come here, give us a hug!